Handmade Scandinavian Pottery

Handmade Scandinavian Pottery

By Mikkel deMib Svendsen

Unique Handmade Scandinavian Pottery with a passion for elegant classic pottery design, expressive textures and vivid colors. Pottery with attitude.

Most of the pottery In the webshop is one of a kind unique pieces. If you find one you like don't hesitate to buy. The next day it may be sold to someone else.

New pottery is added every month. You can see a list of all products sorted by date added here.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at: mikkel@demib.com.

Pottery is my passion

Pottery is my passion

A lot of my daily work is in front of a computer. And I do appreciate everything computers and the Internet has brought us. Don't get me wrong. But at times it also feels so temporary and empty. What we passionately debate on Facebook today is forgotten tomorrow.

Pottery on the other hand is as far from that as anything could be. Ceramics art is built on natures most fundamental elements: Soil, water and fire. It requires physical skills to master and can last forever. Pottery is as old as mankind and have changed surprisingly little over the past thousands of years.

I love how my work with pottery force me away from computers. When I play with mud I can't even pick up my phone. I love the feeling of creating something that can potentially last forever. Something we can use everyday and enjoy for its artistic values too.

I hope my passion for pottery will shine through my work, lighten up your home and spread joy.

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