Collection: Ceramic Vases

Handmade Ceramic Vases stand out as decorate pieces of art in your home. Many leave them just as they are - as a sculpture. Others add fresh or dried flowers to the vases.

Whatever you chose to do you can be sure the Ceramics Vases you find here will add an interesting and unique element to your home. Take a look and be inspired. 

Ceramic Vases

All the Ceramic Vases are unique and handmade - thrown on a potters wheel, some altered and caved, trimmed, fired and glazed individually.

Some have been colored with glas based glass based glazes. That form a very strong and 100% water proof and machine wash safe surface. 

Most of the glazed vases have been fired in a modern electric kiln. A few of them have been fired in an old fashion wood fired kiln. This creates some very interesting colors and patterns that many love. But it is a much more time consuming and expensive technique so they do cost a little extra. But if you want a very unique and outstanding vase this may be right for you. 

Many of the vases have been pitfired which is a low fire coloring technique that leaves a more porous - but very exciting and unique surface. Even after the sealing coat I give these vases they are not 100% water proof, not entirely food safe and can't go into a washing machine. You can have water in them but if you use them on a sensitive surface you should add some protection under them. Also keep in mind that water and sun will degrade the surface slightly over time. 

Ceramic Vases