Just one cup of coffee

My doctor told me: Mikkel, you can only have ONE cup of coffee a day! So I got this. And after realizing how much I love it I was thinking, maybe I should make some of them.


Now, the question is should I start producing cups this big? Would you like one?

Actually, its really good for soup too. Or noodles or a small salad. 

Let me know what you think ...

Disclaimer: Don't drink too much coffee

Now, joke aside, drinking too much coffee is probably not too good for you. But then again, lots of fund things aren't. Life is dangerous - in the end you die.

It's like the story of this guy that goes to his doctor. He tells him to stop smoking, drinking and eat more vegetables. So the guy ask the doctor: If I do all that will I live longer? No, said the doctor, but it will feel that way!

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Too funny and yes, you should make big coffee cups! :-)


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