About Mikkel deMib Svendsen

Mikkel deMib Svendsen - potteryI have always had a strong passion for pottery. 

It all started when I was a young kid and was lucky enough to go to a youth club with access to create pottery. But then when I left I no longer had access to a pottery workshop - the tools and kiln necessary for many years.

Then in 2014 I moved to the house I live in now. It is very close to my aunt who is a professional ceramic artist. She was kind enough to let me use her workshop so I picked up the work with pottery again. 
Over the past years I have spend as much time possible to not only improve my technical skills but also find my own ceramics styles. 

Pottery with attitude

I like big pottery, pottery with strong textures and outstanding colors. Pottery with attitude. To pursue this goal I have worked with various techniques - not just to throw, carve and texture my pots but also in how I fire them.

Pottery is fired in (at least) two stages. First the dry clay is fired in a so-called "Bisque fire". This turn the clay into ceramics - a solid and hard material. This I usually do in a moderne electric pottery kiln. 

The next stage - the second fire, is where colors are added. Often this is done with glazes that turn into a hard water proof and (usually) food safe surface. 

Wood Fired Vase - by deMib

But there are many kinds of kilns that can be used for this. Besides the electric kiln I quite often also use a Japanese style Raku Kiln and a large Wood Fire kiln. Both of these - very old, methods can help create colors and variations you can't get any other way. It stand out, make very unique pottery. Pottery with attitude. 

You can see all my Wood Fired Pottery here - and the Raku Pottery here

But even that was not enough for me. So a few years ago I took up another way of firering pottery called "Pitfire". With this method no glaze is added. Instead, the pots are wrapped in tin foil, with natural celebrants - such as leaves, hay, saw dust, coffee grounds, sea weed and banana peels (to mention an a few), sulfates oxides and salts and fired in a natural open wood fire.

Pitfired Vase - by deMib

Pitfire is a method only used and mastered by few - even though it is, as a method, as old as mankind. Maybe it is because it is not as reliable and predictable as other firing methods. But that's what I kind of like. Because what comes out of it - when I succeed, is so outstanding and beautiful. 

You can see all my pifired pottery here


I share my passion on YouTube and Instagram

I have a YouTube channel and an Instagram profile where I show most of my work, work in progress and many of the techniques I use. You are welcome to visit and subscribe to both. 

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If you have any interesting projects, want to feature some of my pottery in your gallery or an exhibition or have questions about any of my work please use the form below or e-mail me at: mikkel@demib.com.