Collection: Wood Fired Ceramics

Wood fired ceramics is one of the oldest method of firing clay and loved by many for the vey unique and organic look.

The wood fire flames, ashes and special (oxygen reduced) atmosphere in the wood fire kiln create colors and textures that cannot be achieved in any other way. 

Wood Fired Ceramics

When I make Wood Fired Pottery it starts out like any other pottery I make. I throw the pots on the potters wheel, using clay that can sustain the high temperatures (both stoneware and porcelain), trim and sometimes texture or carve them. The finished pots are then left to dry completely. 

After the pots have dried completely they are bisque fired to approximately 950 degree (celsius) - which I do in an electric kiln. That will turn the dry and very fragile clay into hard and strong ceramics ,

Next the pots are placed in a large wood fire kiln made of stones and fired with wood to approximately 1300 degree (celsius). 

Wood, when burned, creates ashes which floats through the atmosphere of the kiln and falls on the surfaces of the pots, it melts and creates the most amazing patters and colors.

Wood Fired Ceramics takes much more time to do - typically 3-4 days (or more) of hard work. Therefore it is also a bit more expensive than electric fired pottery. But what you get is something very unique. Pottery for life. 

Wood Fired Ceramics