Collection: Floor Vases

Floor Vases are very tall vases most often used on the floor. If you have a large table or window they can off course also be places there. 

I love how a large Floor Vase can light up a room - a living room, entrance or office alike. Most often Floor Vases just act as a decorative piece of art. But some also use them for umbrellas, sticks etc. 

Floor Vases
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Collection: Floor Vases

What defines a Floor vase? To me it's not just the height of it but also the shape. Some vases just feels more right on the floor. Feels too big on a table. 

Having said that most of the vases I define as Floor vases is above 40 cm - some as tall as 55-65 cm.  

All the Floor Vase I make a thrown on the potters wheel in stoneware. Most often I carve interesting patterns into them before the first fire - turning them into ceramics. 

The glazes I use is sprayed on in multiple layers to highlight the textures and fired to 1220 degrees (celsius) to create unique and outstanding vases. 

Floor Vases

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