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Yellow Vase in Glaze & Pitfire Combo

Yellow Vase in Glaze & Pitfire Combo

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This is in many ways a very special pitfired pot. First of all it's made in the very fine Audrey Blackman porcelain. Most pitfire experts and books will tell you it's not possible to pitfire this kind of clay. But you know, I am the kind of kid that never listen to authorities so against all odds I found I way to do it.

But not only that. The same authorities will tell you that you cannot combine high temperature traditional (glass based) glaze with pitfire. But that is something I have wanted to do for a long time. Because this way you can combine the beauty of the pitfire with the 100% water proof and food safety of glaze. But again, I proved all authorities wrong. This pot is in fact glazed on the inside and pitfired on the outside.  

Actually, it's not a traditional pitfire but what I cann "Flash Fire" - it's a little different than normal pitfire but still a low fire, non-glaze coloring technique. 

This vase is very unique. You will be one of a very few people in the world to own one like this if you chose to buy it. 

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