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Dark Red Pit Fired Vase with Mesh Patterns (19 cm)

Dark Red Pit Fired Vase with Mesh Patterns (19 cm)

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This vase is wheel thrown using porcelain. And this is actually quite unique for pit fire. Most potters use stoneware because the more fragile porcelain will often break. This one survived and came out really beautiful. A copper mesh was put over it before fired which have left an interesting pattern on part of the vase. A very unique vase.
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All pots are securely wrapped in multiple layers of protection and packed in international shipping boxes. So far all shipments have arrived with no breakage.


All pottery is sold including Danish VAT. Depending on where it is shipped to you may be charged with local import taxes.

Food safety

All glazed pots are suitable for food. Excluded are pots that are either pit- or raku fired. Although I personally do use them for fruits with skin (such as bananas and oranges) please keep in mind that doing so is at your own risk.


All glazed stoneware and porcelain pots can be machine washed. However, it is safer to wash them by hand. Pit- and raku fired pots is not suited for machine wash. I do not recommend that you use any of the pots in micro wave ovens.

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