Collection: Tea Light Candle Holders

The handmade ceramic Tea Light Candle Holders are made on a potters wheel, hand-carved and trimmed and glazed an beautiful colors.

Tea Light Candle Holders provide the perfect backdrop and add a romantic feel to your home. Use the Tea Light Candle Holders with real or LED Tea Lights.

Collection: Tea Light Candle Holders

The Tea Light Candle Holders are thrown on the potters wheel. After initial drying to leather hard stage they are trimmed and carved and then fired the first time to turn the dry clay into ceramic.

Next the Tea Light Candle Holders are glazed. Some of them are fired in a special Raku Kiln to give them this special Raku-look. They are pulled out of the 800-1000 degree (celsius) warm kiln and immediately places in a bucket full of hay or newspapers - and then closed.

The intense smoke from the combustibles settles into the Tea Light Candle Holders leaving a deep black color where there is no glace. 

All the Tea Light Candle Holders are handmade and therefore each of them are unique. If you buy two or more I will select some that looks good together.