Collection: Tall Ceramic Vases

The Tall Ceramic Vases are all handmade and unique. I throw them on a potters wheel, carve, trim and shape them and either glaze, Raku or Pitfire them.

You can use the Tall Ceramic Vases as a decorative piece on their own or use them for fresh or dried flowers. In any case Tall Ceramic Vases stand out and add a beautiful and unique decorative touch to your home or office.

Tall Ceramic Vases

When I make the Tall Vases I often throw them in multiple sections. The individual pieces are put together when the clay is still soft so they "glue" well together and the final shaping can be made. 

Most people use the tall vases on the floor or in large window sills. Many use them as is; others add fresh or died flowers to the Tall Vases. Just keep in mind that the Raku- or Pitfired pots are not 100% water proof. So if you do add water add something under them to protect the surface. 

I really low how a Tall Vase can change the impression of a room - a large living room or office alike. They draw attention. 

Due to the fact that it takes a long time to make these Tall Vases only very few is produced and added to the shop. So if you find one you like - grab it now. 

Tall Ceramic Vases